Game Modes

Career Mode

In Career Mode you tend bar in order to earn money to acquire new drinks. To earn money simply select the Tend Bar option from the Career Mode menu to start a bartending shift. Initially you will not have the necessary beer and liquor licenses to serve alcoholic beverages and you will be limited to selling sodas. Career mode bartending shifts are designed to proceed at a casual pace and you can tend bar for as long or as brief a period as you wish. Once you're done simply tap the back button on your device to end your shift.

New drinks and the licenses needed to begin serving them are available in the Drink Shop. Visit the the Drink Shop often to keep track of how much you need to earn in bartending shifts to obtain new drink recipes.
Career Menu

Challenge Mode

Challenge modes are available for a more fast-paced arcade style bartending experience. Drink requests come fast and furious and include multiple levels with varying difficulty. Once you fail to successfully serve five curstomer drink requests your challenge mode game is over. High scores are saved and displayed for each of the challenge modes, but these games do not earn money towards advancement in Career mode. Currently two challenge modes are available, Soda Slinger and Beer Bonanza.
Challenge Menu