Feature image for the free Labyrinth Master Android game

Do you have what it takes to become the next Labyrinth Master?

Labyrinth Master is a free marble maze game where you guide a steel ball through a labyrinth maze by tilting your device.

Contains over 85 levels categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels. Includes options to control device tilt sensitivity, disable vibration feedback, and change gameplay orientation to allow you to play in a new unique upright mode.

With optional OpenFeint integration you can now work towards mastering in-game achievements or competing with your friends or the rest of the world to leave your mark on separate leaderboards for each level.

This game has successfully been tested on both phone and tablet devices. Please contact us if you experience any issues with your specific device.

Demo Video


Labyrinth Master screenshotLabyrinth Master screenshotLabyrinth Master screenshotLabyrinth Master screenshot
Labyrinth Master menu screenshotLabyrinth Master menu screenshotLabyrinth Master OpenFeint screenshotLabyrinth Master OpenFeint screenshot

Known Issues

  • On landscape based devices (such as many tablets) controls are not properly oriented. The "Invert Controls" menu option can be manually selected to correct the issue on these devices. An automated solution will be pursued with a later release.

Release History


  • Drastically improved map generation performance
  • Reduced map generation memory consumption to alleviate Out of Memory errors thrown on some devices


  • Maps are now generated at runtime, reducing app size from over 14MB to less than 4MB
  • Minor modifications made to Advanced levels 5 & 15
  • Added 9 new levels
  • Level Select screen has been rewritten to attempt to alleviate force close exceptions


  • Fix issue which prevented completion of advanced level #9
  • Added support for Italian
  • Code changes to address three seperate force close exceptions
  • Corrected "Invert Controls" option to properly address vertical controls
  • Added 16 new levels


  • Added 9 new levels
  • Added 2 new OpenFeint achievements
  • Added a new control option to provide temporary solution for issues with landscape based devices
  • Corrected issue which occurred if game screen back button pressed too quickly


  • Corrected a bug which caused the game map to not be drawn on some device screen sizes
  • Made level best time display proportional across multiple device sizes
  • Map modifications to reduce overall package size
  • Minor graphics enhancement to splash screen and main menu
  • Enable move to SD card


  • Added OpenFeint support


  • Added 12 new levels
  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Portuguese
    • French


  • Modified Quick Play main menu option so that it launches the first uncompleted level of the current selected difficulty
  • Modified Level Selection screen so that the first uncompleted level is automatically selected when changing difficulty
  • Added fractional seconds to best time display
  • Removed title bar from feedback and options screens
  • Added 9 new levels
  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • German


  • Initial Release