Puzzle Select Menu

  1. Diamond Page Indicators
    Indicates the current page of puzzles displayed. To change pages, tap one of the diamonds or swipe to the left or right within the puzzle select button area. Some pages will be locked until a certain number of coins has been acquired. However, once a page has been unlocked any puzzle on that page is available for play.

  2. Puzzle Select Button Area
    A button based view of all puzzles available on the current page. Each button displays the number or coins which have been earned on that puzzle. No coins will be displayed for puzzles which have not been completed. Tap a puzzle button to select it. Double-tap a puzzle button to launch that puzzle.

  3. Selected Puzzle Button
    The currently selected puzzle is indicated by a gold background instead of the default stone background.

  4. Home Button
    Returns to the Main Menu

  5. Coin Counter
    Displays the total number of earned coins. Coins which have been acquired through Free Coin offers available from the Main Menu are displayed within parenthesis to the right and are included in the total coin count.

  6. Launch Button
    Starts the currently selected puzzle.