To move any of the jewel blocks simply touch the block and swipe in the direction you want to move the block. Once moving, the jewel block will continue to slide in that direction until it hits a wall, another jewel block, or other obstacle.

The object of the game is to move each of the colored jeweled blocks to a home position within the maze which is indicated with that gem's color. Once a jewel block is properly placed within a home slot, the base of the jewel block will turn gold. Colored jewel blocks can still be moved out of the home position if necessary to assist in placing other jewel blocks.

Level Complete Screen
Once all jeweled blocks have been placed in a home position the puzzle is completed. The Level Complete screen will be displayed and the user will be awarded between one and three coins based upon the time and/or number of moves taken to complete the puzzle. Puzzles can be replayed in order to obtain additional coins. Previously earned coins will not be lost if less desirable results are attained during subsequent attempts. Coins earned by the current completion attempt will rotate on the Level Complete screen, differentiating them from previously acquired coins.

Select Level

Launches the Level Select Menu screen.


Replay the current level

Next Level

Advance to the next puzzle