Dungeon Raider: The Mummy's Tomb

Challenging platformer adventure!

The Mummy’s Tomb is the first installation of the Dungeon Raider platformer dungeon run series of free mobile games. Explore 36 increasingly challenging mini dungeon levels as you progress through puzzles and traps within the mummy’s tomb to claim a fortune in ancient relics and treasure.

Asteroid Menace

Endless levels of asteroid blasting fun.

Pilot your spaceship through increasingly difficult and endless levels of asteroids in this simple arcade shooter.

Galactic Invasion

Classic arcade sytle space shooter!

Galactic Invasion, the first ever Android game published by KRE Software, is a classic arcade style space shooter game where you single-handedly attempt to fend off an enemy invasion force. Galactic Invasion includes increasingly challenging levels as you progress deeper into the invading enemy forces. A myriad of in-game options are included to control the difficulty of the gameplay. Both an ad-supported free version and a paid version of the app are available. Additional levels, options and an in-game soundtrack are included in the paid version of the app.

Galaxy Wars

Space Colony Warfare

Galaxy Wars is a turn-based strategy game for Android with only one goal: complete domination of the galaxy! Build a galactic empire, research new technologies, construct and command massive star fleets and eradicate your enemies from the galaxy.

Galaxy Defender

Classic arcade sytle space shooter!

If you like arcade classics such as Galaga, Galaxian or Space Invaders then Galaxy Defender is sure to bring you hours of arcade fun! Over 50 levels of fast-paced alien blasting fun.

Labyrinth Master

Free Marble Maze Fun!

Labyrinth Master features over 85 levels of marble maze fun. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced mazes are available to accomodate various player skill levels. Through integration with the Swarm social gaming platform, Labyrinth Master includes in-game achievements and Best Time leaderboards for each individual maze.

Tiki Bar

Unique Drink Mixing and Bartending Game

Tiki Bar is a unique bartending and drink mixing game. Three separate game modes offer both a casual and faster paced gameplay experience. A wide array of different types of beers and numerous mixed drink recipes can be acquired through Career Mode gameplay. A Social Drink feature has been added to support posting drinks to facebook, or sending drinks to friends via text messaging, gmail, email, or any other image handling app installed on the user's device.

ARC: Asteroid Removal Corps

Classic Style Asteroids for Android

ARC: Asteroid Removal Corps brings a classic arcade feel to your mobile device.

Jewel Blocks

Jewel Puzzle Game

Jewel Blocks is a fun, cool and addicting free puzzle game for Android. Play 100 unique puzzles in this free game. The concept is simple; the puzzles are challenging. Slide the gem blocks through the block puzzle maze to their home destination. Early puzzles are easy in this casual game, but once multiple blocks enter the maze the difficulty increases quickly. Earn up to three coins from each puzzle based upon the completion time and\or number of moves. Collect enough coins and advance to ever more challenging puzzles.

Splashy Shark

Underwater flappy fun

This isn't your ordinary fishy, it's splashy shark! Tired of the birds? Then this fish is your answer. Splash away under the sea with splashy shark. But don't think it's gonna be that easy. If you're not careful then this cute little shark will drive you crazy!