Keys to Victory

Supporting a dominating galactic fleet takes a substantial income. You must establish a sound industrial economy across many stars to be effective. Your return on investment from upgrading existing industrial stations is often much less than building new industrial facilities at less established stars.

Before you can destroy your enemy, you have to find them first. Explore the map to find profitable stars, uncover enemy strongholds, and identify potential chokepoints within the map.

Spend your credits wisely. It isn’t effective to build multiple level 4 starports if you’re only earning enough daily income to build a single battleship each turn. Building new industrial stations at uninhabited stars is more cost effective than upgrading existing industrial stations.

It takes ships to win battles. The number of ships you can build each turn is restricted by the number and level of starports you possess. Try and build as many ships as your starports will support each turn.

Starports and all other facilities remain in place when stars are invaded. Taking control of enemy holdings can rapidly and cost effectively increase your economic base and your ship construction capacity. Likewise, if you leave a star with a level 4 starport undefended don’t be surprised if enemy forces move in and overtake it.