User Interface Video Tutorial

User Interface Overview

Galaxy Wars contains a unique user interface. To support a wide array of game controls while still providing a full screen gameplay surface, most game control features are housed within fly-out control panels which are accessible from on-screen master control tab buttons.

Master control tabs are positioned along the left side and top right corner of the screen. Tapping any master control tab will display the associated control panel. When a fly out control panel is active, tapping the associated master control button will close the control panel. The back button will also close any active control panels.

By default the master control buttons and control panels are transparent to support additional visibility into the star map while a control panel is active. An option is available from both the main menu and the in game controls option to toggle between transparent and solid controls.

A wait timer will be displayed whenever a long-running task is being performed. These types of tasks include saving and loading games as well as AI turn processing. These types of events may take a few seconds to complete.

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