Gameplay Tutorial Video

Gameplay Overview

The ultimate goal of Galaxy Wars is to eradicate hostile alien species from the galaxy. You must establish control of stars, expanding your galactic empire and managing fleet operations.

Galaxy Wars is a turn-based strategy game. You will generally perform various actions during your turn to include:
Kirean Cruiser Abukai
Explore & Expand
  • Review the star map
    Plan and strategize based on positions of you and enemy fleets. Determine where you can and where you want to expand. That class M supergiant at the edge of enemy territory may seem juicy, you may be better off expanding somewhere safer.
  • Check your stats
    You must manage your resources effectively. Dominating the universe will require a significant industrial base. Interstellar military vessels aren't cheap.
  • Research technology
    Stay on top of latest technologies utilizing research points earned at science stations. Falling technologically behind your enemies may lead to your extinction.
  • Build Ships
    You can’t very well win a galactic war without starships. Larger ships may dominate the battlefield but are much more costly to produce.
  • Kirean Cruiser Abukai
    Command Fleets
  • Manage Fleets
    Command your fleets into position to explore uncharted areas, defend your empire, or overtake enemy fleets and stars.

At the end of your turn, the following actions occur before your next turn begins:
  • Daily research and income amounts are deposited into your account
  • Fleets will travel to their next waypoint, if any waypoints are assigned
  • Wherever two fleets from opposing species occupy the same star, battles will be conducted
  • Enemy AI players will take their turns