Game Screen Overview

Star Map
Game Screen Overview
The main game screen displays the galactic star map for a single galactic sector. The star map can be dragged in any direction. The map also supports standard pinch zoom gestures. Simply place two fingers on the screen and move them closer together to zoom out or further apart to zoom in.

Galaxy Wars features seven classes of stars, each distinguishable by the star’s spectrum color. Stars also range in size from sub-dwarf all the way up to super giants. The class and size of a star as well as the player’s species will govern the industrial and research production rates as well as build capacity.

Most details about each star are available directly on the star map. The class and size of each star is visibly discernible directly within the star map. Stars under player or AI control are indicated by the color of the star name. Uncontrolled star names are displayed in white when they are within the player’s scan range or grey when outside scan range.

Starports and fleets are also displayed at each star. If a starport has been built at a star, it will appear below the star. A different graphic is displayed depending on the starport level. If and fleets are present at the star the largest ship will be displayed next to the star along with the total fleet strength of all fleets current at the star. Stars details, including the presence of starports or fleets, are not displayed for stars outside of scan range.

Star Zoom
Star Zoom Details
Additional details about each star are visible directly within the star map when zoomed in closely. These additional details include the current levels of industrial, science and defense structures as well as the starport level.

Any star may be selected by touching it, regardless of whether the star is within scan range.

Several control panels are available within the main game screen.
  • Star Zoom
    Star Control Panel
    When a star is controlled or a player fleet is located at an uncontrolled star, various facilities can be constructed. Industrial facilities produce income. Science facilities provide research points. Starports allow the construction of ships. Defensive structures automatically attack incoming enemy fleets making the star more difficult to overtake.
  • Starport
    The starport control panel allows the construction of ships. The number and size of ships which can be constructed are limited by the build capacity of the current starport level.
  • Fleet
    The fleet control panel supports management of all fleet activities. Fleets can be combined, split and deployed from this control panel. See the Fleet Control page for additional information regarding fleet controls.
  • Research
    The research tab allows research points to be spent on various types of upgrades to improve weapons, ship armor, scan range, jump range, and industrial production.
Additional master control tab buttons appear within the top right edge of the game screen. These control panels can be active simultaneously with any of the main game control panels listed above.
  • Star Zoom
    Stats Panels
    The stats panel displays summary information including current account and research balances, daily production levels as well as ship and controlled star counts.
  • Controls
    The controls panel includes options to end the current turn, save or load a previously saved game and display options.