Game Modes Overview

Galaxy Wars contains two separate game modes.

Campaign Mode

Star Map
Campaign Panel
A campaign game consists of multiple game levels. The campaign progresses through key engagements in the Third Galactic Civil War. This interstellar conflict of unprecedented proportions was sparked in Galactic Standard Year 4716.8 shortly after Earth forces established interstellar military vessel production capabilities.

From the Campaign Game control panel you can resume a previously saved campaign game or start a new game at any previously unlocked campaign level.

Custom Mode

Star Map
Custom Panel
A custom game allows you to play as or against any of the four available races. Custom Games support three separate difficult levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

You can either start a new game or load a previously saved one from the Custom Game control panel.

PvP Mode

Star Map
PvP Panel
PvP Mode allows you to face off against other human players for a true strategy game challenge unequalled by the AI. Start a game with a friend or sign up to be matched with a random opponent. Up to 5 PvP games can be active at a time (only 1 PvP game slot is available in the free version).

Selecting a PvP game slot will present various options depending on the status of the game within that slot.