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Galaxy Wars is a turn based strategy game for Android. Explore and colonize new star systems. Establish a galactic empire. Construct and command star fleets and eliminate your enemies from the galaxy.

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4716.8.3 GSD
While on a scientific expedition in the Poubute system, the Kirean cruiser Abukai detects a helium-3 fusion based interstellar jump signature originating from the Sol star. Radio wave disruption signature analysis from the jump event identifies no known match within the Interstellar Capable Species catalogue.

Kirean Cruiser Abukai
Kirean Cruiser Abukai
It is concluded that humans, the only known sentient species inhabiting the Sol system have acquired interstellar jump capabilities. Due to the documented aggression quotient of 8.74 for humans within Sentient Species Database records a level 2 alert notification is submitted to the Kirean Security Council in accordance with standard galactic monitoring protocols.

4716.8.6 GSD
Kirean Security Council assigns a class 3 monitoring status to Sol. Patrol fleets are deployed to all stars within 10 light years of Sol.

4716.9.4 GSD
While on solo patrol in Proxima Centauri an industrial accident aboard a Kiraen security frigate results in an engine reactor meltdown. Twenty crew members reach minimum safe distance in life pods before the frigate's reactor explodes. The remaining 40 crew members are lost.

Kirean Cruiser Abukai
Human Cruiser Arizona
Human forces at Sol detect the explosion from the Kiraen nitrogen reactor meltdown and the cruiser Arizona is dispatched to investigate. The Arizona arrives in Proxima Centauri shortly before the Kiraen rescue fleet. Having not yet identified the source of the nitrogen explosion that brought him to the system, the inexperienced captain of the Arizona mistakes the arrival of the rescue fleet as an aggressive act. Despite being oppressively outnumbered the Arizona fires upon the Kiraen vessels destroying two frigates before being quickly annihilated by the much larger Kirean fleet.

4716.9.7 GSD
In response to the destruction of the Arizona, Human forces redirect all resources to increased interstellar military fleet production. The Arizona Retribution Act is signed, marking the beginning of the Kirean Conflict which ultimately led to the Third Galactic Civil War which still rages today.