Constructing ships and commanding fleets are two of the most important and complex features of the Galaxy Wars game.

Ship Construction

Four different classes of ships are available: frigates, cruisers, battleships, and capital ships. Each ship class has its own unique properties and uses. Frigates are small, low-cost ships which are great for scouting uncharted areas while capital ships are thick armored behemoths that massive weapon arrays. While larger ships possess both greater firepower and endurance higher level starports and more credits are required to build them.

Star Map
Starport Panel
A starport must be in place at a star before ships can be constructed. Starports can be built and upgraded from the Star control panel. Higher level starships come with increased build capacity which controls the size and number of ships which can be constructed. Build capacity levels are replenished after each turn.

Fleet Control

The Fleet control panel lists all fleets currently in vicinity of the selected star. The fleet list displays the name of the fleet, the number of ships in the fleet, and the fleet’s total strength. A fleet’s strength is based on both the number and size of ships within the fleet. For example, a fleet with 4 frigates has a smaller fleet strength than a fleet containing a sole battleship.

Star Map
Fleet Panel
The Fleet control panel supports the following fleet management capabilities:
  • Viewing fleets

    To view a fleet, select a fleet within the fleet list and tap the view button. A pop-up fleet window will be opened, displaying the number and types of ships within the fleet. Two different fleets can be opened within separate pop-up fleets windows simultaneously. This allows ships to be transferred between fleets. Simply grab a ship from one fleet, drag it to the other fleet and drop it within the target fleet window.

  • Star Map
    Fleet Windows
  • Merging fleets

    All fleets at the star can be merged into a single fleet by tapping the Merge All button below the fleet list. Fleets can be more selectively combined using the pop-up fleet windows as described under View Fleets above.

  • Create new fleets

    To create a new fleet, select a fleet from the fleet list that contains two or more ships and tap the Create New button. The Create New button will be disabled if there are not 2 or more ships within the selected fleet or if no fleet is selected.

  • Star Map
  • Adding waypoints

    Fleets can be moved from star to star by assigning waypoints. To assign a waypoint select the desired fleet and tap the Add waypoint button. All stars within jump range will be highlighted. Tap a highlighted star to add a waypoint. Multiple waypoints can be assigned for a single fleet. Each fleet will travel to the next assigned waypoint at the end of each turn.

  • Clearing waypoints

    The Clear and Clear All buttons will remove the last or all waypoints from the selected fleet’s waypoint list, respectively.